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What others have said. Verbatim comments from parties:


"Mr. Arbitrator,

It was sincerely a pleasure working with you.  I appreciate your involvement in the hearing. Many arbitrators I've been before just sit there and take some notes but, beyond that, they're not proactive. Win or lose, I feel confident that Mr. Mix was given a fair review and I thank you for that."


“Mr. Gutman not only receives the highest marks in our mediation evaluations, parties are consistently very satisfied with his skills and professionalism. My favorite comment that I received (and I agree) is that "Ed is very professional, down to earth and good humored."


Thank you for your efforts, which I greatly appreciate.  You made the experience a pleasure for me, and the outcome at least palatable for my client.  It was my pleasure, despite the facts.


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I thought you ran an excellent hearing, and won’t hesitate to recommend you to all of my colleagues.

I have appeared before him in a number of proceedings in which he served as a hearing examiner in highly contested dismissal cases.  In each case, his decision was unassailable and supported by solid evidence and strong legal reasoning.

Ed is an extremely knowledgeable attorney whose integrity is beyond reproach. He values his customers highly; and has a reputation for going above and beyond the call of duty to meet and exceed their reasonable expectations.

Ed Gutman is well regarded in the general labor relations community and specifically within the smaller arbitration community. I know Mr. Gutman to be a very level headed, fair-minded arbitrator with a keen sense of justice and an ability to put together excellent written Awards – clear, concise and well thought out treatises. Without reservation, I offer Mr. Gutman my highest and most sincere recommendation to serve as a labor arbitrator on any labor or employment arbitration panel within the U.S.

I have had the privilege of working with Ed Gutman for nearly 30 years. For many years, Ed was a partner in another law firm that practiced school law (my area of principal practice). Since he left that firm, he has served as an arbitrator, mediator and hearing examiner. His reputation is that of a first rate lawyer, with special expertise in labor law and school law.

Ed is that rare combination of expert knowledge and common sense that ensures the best chance of positive results. Ed's work with me extends over a period of many years. I have found him to be a man of great personality and character and I recommend him without reservation.

Ed is a consientious worker who is able to come to the heart of a matter quickly. He is able to communicate in a manner that is clear and concise. He is nurturing and understanding even if he needs to notify someone of unpleasant information

Ed is a wise and capable professional who knows how to listen. He understands the sensitivities involved in arbitration settings and provides useful advice for getting through potential roadblocks. I have also had the privilege of knowing him in his community volunteer capacity, where he demonstrates active and experienced leadership.

Ed - The mediation session with you most definitely helped the parties reach an agreement. We followed up with a meeting with the county attorney and were able to expand on the progress made with our session with you.

Ed - Don’t quote me on this (since we lost!), but I thought you did a terrific job on that case.

Ed - Confidentially, good decision with great reasoning. You are indeed a gentleman and a scholar. Hope to see you again soon. Regards and best wishes

As it relates to Arbitrator Gutman, I want to begin by stating I have no personal relationship with him and my only contact has been on a professional basis as he served as an impartial arbitrator based upon mutual selection.

One of the cases Arbitrator Gutman was selected for by the parties was a very complex termination case. His ability to grasp the key points of this complex case was a major plus for both parties. His ability to understand the issue at hand, determine the credibility issues that existed with the witnesses, utilize past practice and explain his decision through logic and reference cases assisted the parties in acceptance of his final decision.

He also conducts a well controlled hearing allowing all parties the opportunity to present their cases regardless of the expertise of those that are presenting. In other words, he is fair and seeks the truth.

I would highly recommend him for a panel position and if given the opportunity we would utilize his services again.

Let me take this opportunity to highly recommend Mr. Gutman for this position. I have known him for over twenty years. I represent labor unions. We had situations where Mr. Gutmanhas represented labor and at other time represented management. I have always found him to be extermely fair, one who wold listen to both sides of the argument, very professional and last but not least, very hard working.

Ed - Thanks for all yourt help in the ____ matter. It really was a pleasure meeting you. Even though our case did not settle - I truly believe that you are the finest mediator I've dealt with.

I am writing to thank you for serving as a facilitator at our Annual Leadership Conference in Atlantic City. The delegates were overwhelmingly enthused and motivated by the work-shop sessions. You did an outstanding job of presenting the issues and facilitating discussion.

Thank you. I have nothing but the highest regards for you and accept your ruling because I know that you gave this matter all of your attention and rule the way you thought was just. I also look forward to another opportunity to have you serve as the hearing officer in the future. I go into every case with these guiding principles:

1) I will try to do my best because I am grateful for the business;
2) that I can’t change the facts;
3) there are different views to each controversy; and 4) we all have to live with the outcome, win or lose.

I have told many people,lawyers and educators especially about you and how enjoyable you made our mediation for HCB.  Your are truly a gentleman and scholar of the first order.  I am privileged and honored to call you a friend. 

“ . . . your decision in the XYZ case was extremely well reasoned and well founded.  After I completed the research for the case, the determination that you ended up making truly appeared to be the correct one in the case . . .”

I thought the decision was very well reasoned and very fair

Mr. Gutman not only receives the highest marks in our mediation evaluations, parties are consistently very satisfied with his skills and professionalism. My favorite comment that I received (and I agree) is that "Ed is very professional, down to earth and good humored."


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